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We waited about 30 minutes in line to order and another 10 minutes to get our food. It was definitely worth it. We ordered the cod fish and chips, and 2 tacones — albacore tuna and wild salmon. The stall is also close to the Parliament Building. After lunch, we headed to Sea Chest in Sooke for ice cream.

Sea Chest is a small seaside stall which sells homemade ice cream sandwiches. We picked the strawberry rhubarb with granola cookie. It was an extremely hot day, so the ice cream was very refreshing! Creyke Point overlooks the water. East Sooke Regional Park is a blend of marshes, forests, and ocean side trails.

After our walk, we headed to Sooke Brewing Company and shared a 4 beer flight — 2 lagers, a witbier, and a blond ale. The meadery tastings are free and is a great spot to learn about bees, honey, and mead! After the meadery, we made a quick stop at the beach. We did not stay long, as we had one more stop on our list — Sooke Potholes Provincial Park. Sooke Potholes Provincial Park is a popular swimming location due to the naturally formed potholes and rocky beaches.

The rocks are slippery when wet, so be extremely careful if climbing over the rocks. This crossing made me appreciate how wild much of British Columbia really is. Not only do they have an interesting downtown, but the town also boasts a Nanaimo Bar Trail. You cannot leave Nanaimo without eating a Nanaimo bar. Tourism Nanaimo has a stop Nanaimo bar trail. From the traditional Nanaimo bar to a Nanaimo bar cinnamon bun to a Nanaimo bar pedicure — there is everything related to this delicious dessert.

Some of the trees here are over years old. The largest tree stands 76 metres, which is 20 metres taller than the leaning tower of Pisa. There are two trails, each winding like a figure eight on both sides of the road.

Both trails are not very long and are easy to walk, so take your time and hike both. Like the hole in the wall, a natural attraction outside of Port Alberni. This short trail, only metres off the highway leads you to a human-made hole in the rock that was taken back by nature, becoming a waterfall. This pull-off from the highway. Fair warning, the Pacific Rim Highway is not for the faint of heart. After clearing Sproat Lake, the rest of the journey follows the twists and turns of the Kennedy River valley for 42 kilometres.

And while the scenery is gorgeous, you need to keep your eyes on the road to watch for falling rocks, tight turns and sections of the mountains that jut over the highway. Falling asleep in the dark, with the stars above me, listening to the sound of the waves beat against the rocky beach was one hell of an experience. Wya Point Resort is located just south of the fork — also known as The Junction. Each yurt has a perfect view of the beach and the Pacific Ocean both inside and out on the private deck.

Yurts come equipped with a comfortable bed, bedding, a kitchenette really just a wash station and dishes , a gas fireplace, and a small generator to run the lights. There are no washroom facilities in the yurt, but a common facility with bathrooms and showers is nearby. I was unbelievably impressed with Wya Resort. I still dream about how quiet the night was, except for the sound of the ocean with that feeling of being in the middle of nowhere and at peace. I stayed at Wya Resort for the duration of my stay in the Tofino area.

I used it as my jumping-off point for all the other adventures! Quite literally, you are on the western coast of Vancouver Island with nothing but ocean in front of you.

It protects over square kilometres of forest, beach and ocean on Vancouver Island. With activities like hiking and surfing, it is an excellent place for adventure seekers. The most popular and most easily accessible unit is Long Beach.

Take your pick. Enjoy the surfers play in the waves, look for starfish and other underwater creatures in the tide pools, spot eagles flying gracefully overhead as the wind whips around you. There are a ton of hiking options in Pacific Rim National Park. The trail consists of two 2km loops on either side of the highway. Each loop takes you through moss-covered boardwalks, up and downstairs, over and under giant trees. It is absolutely breathtaking, and a moment of reflection will reveal how small we are in the world.

This is where Live to Surf, the original Tofino surf shop, started back in the 80s. Make sure to check out Tacofino Cantina — the original Tacofino, which sparked a delicious taco movement into Vancouver. Honestly, the best goddamn fish and chips I have ever tasted in my life.

Surfing in the Pacific Ocean requires a full-body wetsuit, boots and gloves. But how exhilarating! One of the most amazing adventures I had on my Vancouver Island road trip was a beginner surfing lesson I had in Tofino.

I had never surfed before, so why not throw myself into the rough, cold waters of the Pacific Ocean in Tofino? The ocean here is not one to mess around with. There was a high wind warning for the area, making the waves extra powerful, but everyone at the surf shop was chill about it, so I let myself relax.

There are so many surf shops in Tofino that you can have your pick with which one will fit you best. After researching thoroughly, I chose Surf Sister for my first time surfing adventure.

She wanted to have a shop that helped female surfers make their mark in Tofino. And get this — she succeeded. Surf Sister is a popular shop in Tofino, and their instructors are absolutely incredible and specialize in making a comfortable environment for beginners.

I see why people love it here. An annual Canada Day tradition featuring cooked lobster and corn on the cob. Maples Sugar Shack will be serving maple syrup on snow, also known as Maple Taffy. Come experience the real flavour of Canada! Muffin Granny – Canada Day Crepe! Canada Day on Granville Island. Friday, July 1,



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A Canada Day tradition with the entire squad of captains taking the fleet out for a dance on the waters of False Creek. Granville Island Delivery Co. Try your hand at assembling the See You on Granville Island Puzzle or grab a free colouring sheet entry form and try the Scavenger Hunt contest — visit participating Granville Island merchants to enter to win a piece puzzle for yourself.

Presented by Granville Island Delivery Co. Join a plein air adventure! Meet at Opus Granville Island, travel to iconic spots around the island, and set up your easel. There will be a special Canada Day mini-gallery with all the artworks open to the public. Whale researchers have been vocalizing a major resurgence of Humpback Whales in BC waters, including those surrounding Vancouver. This 3D art installation is a representation of the whales inspiring nature, beauty and determination.

In this image, these marvellous giants live beneath our feet, among us, continuing to defy the odds as their population expands.

Through this intentional exaggeration, we gain perspective on our co-existence and how our choices impact animals of every size. Visit Railspur Alley west and learn about the unique flowers that represent the provinces and territories of Canada. Take a photo or selfie in front of your favourite flower and post it to Instagram. An annual Canada Day tradition featuring cooked lobster and corn on the cob. Maples Sugar Shack will be serving maple syrup on snow, also known as Maple Taffy.

Come experience the real flavour of Canada! Muffin Granny – Canada Day Crepe! Canada Day on Granville Island. Friday, July 1, Food and Drink.

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