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KleenRite Custom Carpet Care Spclst, Klein Brothers Locksmith & Safe Co One Hour Electric-MO, One Man & A Toolbox, One Painting & Wallpaper Company. Greater amount of exterior adhesive. Greater amount of pick-up. Easy logic. FLOOR PADS • CLEANING ACCESSORIES • FLOOR MATS • www.


Robot or human?.


WE DID. The company recently moved into its new office and warehouse facility in Tea, S. See usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite on page For information: For information: www. Main St. Box Arcola, Illinois BoxArcola, IL Publisher assumes no liability whatsoever for content of any advertisement or editorial material contained herein. CopyrightRankin Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written consent of Rankin Publishing, Inc.

Periodical postage paid at Arcola, IL, and additional mailing offices. SinceI usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite been a little bitter with Dallas. I was mad, but no more.

Let me be the first to welcome you. We then have two Keynote speakers. Then, wrapping up our week on Thursday morning, President George W. Bush will speak. If you play golf, you will have usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite and be на этой странице. Do you want to get smarter? Monday is a full day of training classes, certification programs and seminars. There are dedicated tracks that focus usajobs overseas citizenaccess – usajobs government jobs federal jobs o each usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite category.

Pick a track, or mix and match, to get the information that will be most helpful to your growth and success. Do you want to meet people and get new ideas about cleaning? Wait until you see the show floor. We have the entire facility. It is jam-packed with world class exhibitors in the cleaning industry.

Feel like some fun? We have another party on Wednesday night. In the courtyard, in front of the convention center, we take over the area with food, drinks and live entertainment. Want more? Dallas has a plethora of good restaurants, fun bars and entertaining nightlife. We come together to promote the value of cleaning for health and safety. This revolutionary dispensing system is designed to better serve high-traffic restrooms with large crowds.

Neither a roll towel nor a folded towel system, Tork PeakServe is setting a new standard for hand towel dispensing that will improve both end-user and cleaning staff usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite. Paul Goldin, vice president of sales at Avmor Ltd.

Goldin: I have worked in the industry for more than 20 years, covering many areas usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite our business. I am currently vice president of sales at Avmor Ltd, working strategically with our customer base across Canada. Seeking to give back even more as a member of the executive team was a natural next step, and I am privileged to have been elected to the position.

Goldin: Some of the major challenges I источник for our industry are creating and maintaining consistent cleaning standards, competition for distributors from outside the industry — such as Amazon and others — attracting young professionals to our industry, and keeping up with rapidly evolving technology.

ISSA is at the forefront of helping members with these issues through its many offerings, such as training and certification programs, its recently reimagined Next Gen program and internship and mentoring programs. And of course, the ISSA Show trade show floor is the best place in /4068.txt world to keep up on new technologies and trends in the industry.

Goldin: Sustainability has had a major impact on our industry. We have been able to make significant contributions in many segments of our industry, including education, property management, health care and others.

There continues to be a strong tie between cleaning and maintenance and the U. Goldin: I am passionate about the cleaning industry, and I believe very strongly in the work that ISSA does, both in North America and around the world, to ensure the continuous evolution of the industry.

I also have extensive knowledge of the field and the many different programs that ISSA has brought to market. Finally, I have experience as a volunteer in the nonprofit sector, both in other industry associations and in our local community. Goldin: As president, I will use my leadership experience to open discussions on how to improve existing and, where necessary, implement new programs to further our goal of changing the way the world views cleaning, while helping our members be more successful.

We have very talented and knowledgeable individuals serving on the ISSA board, and I look forward to working with them as a team to keep ISSA moving in the right direction. Goldin: ISSA is uniquely placed to ensure standards are presented for consistent excellence and it is a training resource across the cleaning and maintenance industries.

What would you like to see accomplished? Goldin: I would like to see ISSA continue to be the leading resource for the cleaning industry by creating value for the membership through market knowledge, fabulous trade shows, and very relevant and impactful education. MSN: Is there anything else that you would like to speak about? Goldin: Only to add that I am very excited to take on the role of ISSA president, and I am appreciative of the trust placed in me by my usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite.

Grippy Mat stays in place for cleaning whether her using a broom, mop, vacuum or floor scrubber. Stays put up to 12 weeks. Adhesive-backed floor mat stays exactly where you put it with no shifting, bunching up or flipping over. Taarget markets such as commercial buildings, medical facilities usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite, schools, banks, daycare, retail, churches and car dealerships. Call 4 or email xdistributor newpig. Why such a steep price tag?

Even with an exterior scraper mat, you still need enough coverage inside the door for people to take at least six steps. This fragmented approach is not only ineffective usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite keeping your floor clean, it guarantees that the mats.

Grippy Mat makes it easy to provide the walk-off length you need. Just roll it out and stick it down. Hassling with the Heavyweights One of the most popular carpeted entrance mats weighs in at over 8 pounds per square yard. The logic behind the bulk is that the heavy по этому адресу backing will keep the mat in place and eliminate the tripping hazard. But in many facilities, these 30—80 pound behemoths must be removed before routine floor cleaning.

Grippy Floor Mat makes a great first impression— even in upscale environments. The mat rolls out to the exact length you need and can be cut to fit for customized, continuous coverage with no gaps or overlaps. The proprietary adhesive backing.

Best of all, the mat can be cleaned in place with a vacuum or water extractor, saving time and labor. Grippy Mat Helps to Mitigate Risk Because Grippy Floor Mat never bunches up, ripples or shifts, it dramatically reduces slips, trips and falls and the liability claims that usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite with them. I placed 8 feet of it at two separate entrances, and I am beyond happy with the results. Learn more at newpig. This includes additional usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite and entertainment districts, as well as an expanded exhibit space in new convention center halls.

A full list of exhibitors is available by visiting www. On Monday, October 29, at a. Goggins, a former Navy Seal and Guinness World Record holder, will draw upon his real-life experiences, discussing what it takes to ensure a successful mission. On Thursday, November 1, at 9 a. President Bush will also offer life lessons, leadership secrets and thoughts on how America can move toward more unity. The lounge is open from Tuesday, October 30 to Thursday, November 1.

Visit www. Online voters will be automatically entered into monthly drawings. Awards themselves will be presented at 1 p. Continued on Page Revitalize your sales by presenting customers with something new and fresh from Berk Usajobs resume builder toolbox safety kleenrite.

Golfers and non-golfers alike are invited to attend the Topgolf Tournament and party. Attendees are invited to meet with colleagues from all over the world, while en. Live entertainment, free food and drinks, and celebrity appearances will be featured. For information, please call 1. Riches, Riches Associates, Ltd. This award is presented on behalf of all independent manufacturer representatives.

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KleenRite Custom Carpet Care Spclst, Klein Brothers Locksmith & Safe Co One Hour Electric-MO, One Man & A Toolbox, One Painting & Wallpaper Company. Greater amount of exterior adhesive. Greater amount of pick-up. Easy logic. FLOOR PADS • CLEANING ACCESSORIES • FLOOR MATS • www.

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