Access to the Entrance Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is not difficult. It is not a privilege allowed only to a select few; the Universe does not discriminate. And there are many ways to access. To access Akashic records, choose the approach that feels comfortable and efficient for you.

Motivation is even more critical than skill. If anyone attempts to enter the Hall of Akashic Records with mere curiosity, not to mention malicious intent, it will be rejected and misinformed. Curiosity may sound innocent enough, just like snooping on: “Let’s find out what my boyfriend / girlfriend was like in their past lives …”. Learning who they were will not improve your relationship until you understand who you are. We always want to start by ourselves. The good news is that reading the Akashic records that are relevant to you is not a difficult task since you carry a copy of your records, so to speak.

Reading your own Akashic Record does not require you to access the Hall of Akashic Records, where all Akashic Records are stored. You carry the energetic copy of your own Akashic records. So, reading your own Akashic records is not particularly difficult, but there are still some prerequisites. One is the ability to enter into a meditative state. While regular intuition can come in a casual way, reading the Akashic Records demands a little more focus. You need to be able to put aside your current thoughts and be open to any information you may encounter.

The other prerequisite is the willingness to disclose and accept what is recorded about you. You may receive disturbing information, such as how you died in one of your past lives or some serious problems that bothered you for a long time – and how you yourself contributed to the problem. If, in your daily life, you tend to avoid problems or neglect challenges, how can you cope with this information while reading your Akashic records?

To start the reading session of your Akashic records, you can do a certain ritual. Do some preparatory meditation which is a good idea. Expressing your intention is also good practice. Say something like, “Let the energy of Love, Light and Truth prevail on Earth. My spiritual guides, please help me open my Akashic Records so that I have the wisdom to live this life with more awareness and courage. ” The “Love, Light and Truth” part is essential. You are making it clear that you are doing this reading with love, without judgments; with a light (spiritual awareness) without conflict or confusion and for truth, instead of hiding in lies or ignorance. In other words, you are saying that you are open to the truth, whatever it is, and you are willing to receive it with love and light.

I do not recommend reading the Akashic Records as pure curiosity because this reading will not be very productive. If you simply ask, “What was I doing in my past life?” You could receive information about any of your many past lives, no matter how influential life may be for your current life. The answer would probably be uninteresting and vague. Like any intuitive inquiry, the search for the Akashic Records needs to be clear and straightforward. The first big issue that I think is important, even for those seeking DVT care, one needs to be very clear in mind: “what is the purpose of having access to this information”, demystifying the idea of ​​building a character, which could be of historical notoriety, the next question would be: “How important is this information to help me with my emotional locks, blockades, fears, and sabotages? “. Any and all access does not aim to inflate egos but rather to reflect on how a particular situation occurred in the past echoes in the way I deal with this or that situation, and more how can I learn from it and seek change. Access to the Akashic file aims above all things to bring out self-awareness, if I am not open to change there is no reason to seek out mere curiosity.

In your akashic records are your multidimensional “inner selves wich I will call I’s,” who work within you, bound to concepts, vices, passions, chained, imprisoned in situations that echo in your now-self. For this, a powerful tool has been passed to us, which, in addition to treating these “I’s”, injured personalities heal, release, harmonize and re-embrace their being, healed and forgiven, releasing them from the reflection of self-obsessive memories. There are still Karmic questions that will or will not allow this and that part to be dealt with, since karma is a teacher that gives you the opportunity to change certain attitudes.

We received a powerfull tool to access your akhashic records:

At the request of a great Master, friend and brother who loves humanity it has been delivered to us a tool that will completely change your state of mind. We present you with the Healing Keys for you to free yourself from traumas, emotional blockages, phobias and much more.

It is a totally natural, painless, simple method that generates tremendous effectiveness.

We will access your subconscious, working beliefs, fears, phobias and conditioning, these and other cellular memories, timeless systemic releases the very linearity of human thought since it will connect the most diverse existential multidimensions. It will enter your Akashic Records to access, identify, heal, and couple their personalities to which one or more traumas are associated.

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A lot of light, with all the affection ..

Edgar Martins


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